Headed To Billiards Nirvana

On February 27, 2013, in Frank's Adventures, by Frank T. Dawg

It’s been a while, but I’m finally headed back out on the road and this trip is gonna be a special one.  The other day, I received an invitation from the Archer family to go hang out with them at the Marietta Billiard Club in Georgia.


There aren’t many places in the billiards world as completely awesome as Johnny and Kim’s place.  We’re talking 13,000 square feet of pure, unadulterated pool heaven.  Forty (that’s right 40) 9 ft pool tables including a crazy triple shimmed Gold Crown.

The pool tables are sick, but the real treat is going to be spending some quality time with Johnny, Melanie and the entire Archer family.  Plus, I know both Kim Davenport and Shawn Putnam hang out there as well.  That’s some serious pool royalty there.  The last time I saw Johnny and Shawn was at the Mosconi Cup in 2011, so I’m looking forward to catching up.


Unfortunately, the travel accommodations that Keven made for me aren’t quite as posh and glamorous as I’m used to.  Instead of rollin’ in First Class like I requested, Keven wrapped me in bubbles and shoved me in a box.


Since I’m finally getting back out on the road (and I’m going where I’m going), I’m not gonna complain too much.  Hopefully they have drink cart service on the UPS plane…


Another Visit From Oscar For Frank

On November 2, 2012, in Frank's Adventures, by Frank T. Dawg

With my travel schedule done for the year, most of what I have to look forward to nowadays is visits from other dogs.  Mike and Keven are too busy getting ready for the holiday season to do anything fun, so my life is pretty much just hanging out at the PoolDawg HQ.

Today though,  Mike was nice enough to bring his puppy Oscar in for another visit today.  Apparently St. Bernards grow a bit faster than bulldogs because Oscar is huge!

When I first met him back in July, he was just a little bit bigger than me:

I guess a few months make a big difference, because, well, damn!

I can’t even begin to think about how big he’s going to be after the holidays.  Fortunately, he’s one of those “gentile giant” types, as he’s always very careful not to knock me down or swallow me whole.


When Frank Met Oscar

On July 26, 2012, in Frank's Friends, by Frank T. Dawg

I like hanging out with my humans here at the PoolDawg offices, but sometimes I just really feel like I need to be with my own.  Today was one of those days.  It seems that Mike the Marketing Guy got himself a new puppy, so naturally he wanted to host a “get to know ya” at the office.

I’ve never met a St. Bernard before, but I’ve heard they’re pretty big.  When I heard that Oscar was coming in, I figured he would be a 150 lb slobbering hulk.  I guess they don’t start out that big though, because he was only a little taller than me.

We talked for a bit, and I found out that Oscar is only 10 weeks old.  I did some basic doggie math and came to the conclusion that by the time Oscar is a full grown Saint Bernard, I’ll be about as big as his front paw.

While he was here, we got on well and were as thick as thieves.  I showed him around the joint, introduced him to all my favorite humans and even gave him some tips on where the coolest spots in the office were to hang out (because it gets really hot here in the summertime).

After a couple hours, we were both pretty beat, so we took a nap for the rest of the morning.

Oscar had to head home to be back with his humans, but I’m guessing he’ll be back again soon.

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